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Becoming an Accountant in Israel

Studying and training to become a Public Certified Accountant in Israel is a major decision. Such a decision could be prompted by a personal interest in the profession, career aspirations and a desire to practice the profession in diverse business disciplines, or even as a second career and further education. Becoming an accountant in Israel is a more and more popular career choice, following the increased demand for accountants in the public sector.
Following the economic growth of the Israeli economy in the past few years, there has been a noticeable increase in the demand for accountants in companies and enterprises in the public sector in Israel. This demand for accountants in Israel is most noticeable in companies looking for CFOs and accounting firms, seeking CPAs and trainees. 
The purpose of accounting studies is to train key personnel in the financial field, covering taxation, auditing and professional standardization. Accountancy practice in Israel can be subdivided into two major branches: financial accounting, dealing mainly with preparing and auditing of companies' financial reports and administrative accounting, focusing on management of financial data, pricing policy, budget allocation and other business consulting services.

Obligatory Requirements

There are three basic requirements for becoming an accountant in Israel:
A. Successful completion of the Israeli Certified Accountants Council exams.
B. A two years training period with a certified CPA.
C. Age 23 years or more.
It is important to note that for an accountant in Israel, a degree alone does not allow the student to work as a qualified accountant.
Council exams are held twice a year, in the winter (December/January) and in the spring (May/June). Early registration is required. The winter exam is in both English and Hebrew. The exam is a multiple choice type, except for the taxation section.

Studying to Become an Accountant In Israel

A degree in accountancy can be acquired through the economic or business departments in certain universities and colleges. Study courses include accounting and bookkeeping, personal taxation, financing, corporate and international taxation, commercial law and other relevant subjects. After successfully graduating, the majority of the students continue for another standard year, "completion year in accounting" – a fourth year. This year includes accounting courses that are not an integrative part of the basic study program. Generally, one can opt for another major course of study, such as economics, statistics, law or business. Formal studies to become an accountant in Israel are for three years, after which time, graduates can commence their two year training period.

Where Can You Study Accounting In Israel?

Accounting can be studied in every university in Israel: Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Haifa University and the Open University.
Some Israeli colleges also offer accounting degrees, notably: the College of Management - Academic Studies Division, the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya and the Ruppin Academic Center. Eventually, it is a personal choice where to study in order to become an accountant in Israel, and every academic institute has its own advantages.
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