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A Personal Invitation to Encourage and Cultivate Israel's Young Social Leadership

"The Friends of Raveh Ravid & Co. Fund" in co-operation with the University of Haifa, are establishing a scholarship fund for acquiring degrees from a B.A. to a PhD. Scholarships will be granted to students in the peripheral areas of the country that display a combination of social leadership and academic excellence.

The program will operate as a unique course of study, from a B.A. to a PhD, for a selected group of students, in the diverse disciplines of Science and Humanities. The participants of the program will be chosen according to special standards, including academic and personality characteristics. The students will receive improved study conditions and will be required to participate in intensive social activities outside the university. The activities will provide both added values for them and as well as shape them as leaders.

A special joined committee will choose the most appropriate from amongst the candidates. Some of the qualifying criteria for acceptance to the program are intellectual excellence, leadership qualities and unique social involvement.

The goal of the program is to provide the students a convenient study environment and to nurture their academic ambitions and aspirations. Therefore, the scholarship will fund their entire B.A. to PhD tuition, and special grants will be given for sustenance, incentives for academic progress, and special social contribution.

The program will commence in the fall of 2007 at University of Haifa, with the complete co-operation of the University's President, Prof. Aharon Ben-Ze'ev. Experienced lecturers among the university's staff will tutor the students, to ensure their success.

"The Friends of Raveh Ravid & Co. Fund" will finance the program, as a continuing and direct donation and personal assistance. Our ambition is to escort our students during their entire years of training, and to build – according to the donors' wish – a long term relationship of support and encouragement.

We invite you to join "The Friends of Raveh Ravid & Co. Fund", and to take part in this unique project. We hope that with your contribution we will be able to contribute in some way to improve both the present and the future of Israeli society.

Members of the joint committee:
On behalf of "The Friends of Raveh Ravid & Co. Fund": Ms. Nitza Genosar and Mr. Yair Goldfinger. 
On behalf of the Haifa University: President of the University of Haifa, 
Prof. Aharon Ben-Ze’ev, Dean of students, Prof. Ariel Bendor and Dean of Faculty of Education, Prof. Ofra Mayseless.

Prof. Aharon Ben-Ze'ev
President of the
University of Haifa

Itzhak Ravid, CPA
Raveh Ravid & Co.

Abir Raveh, CPA
Raveh Ravid & Co.
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