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The Raveh Ravid Fund

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The Prof. Daniel Yachia Fund

The Prof. Dr. Daniel Yachia (Yahya) Fund offers a yearly all-inclusive scholarship for an outstanding student of Turkish origin living in Israel or Turkey, wishing to study Bio-Medical Engineering (B.Sc.) at the Technion (Israel).

The Fund will finance the entire B.Sc. tuition fee (for four years) for an eligible student, accepted for Bio – Medical Engineering studies at the Technion, having successfully completed the application process.

Applicants from Turkey must fulfill the following requirements:

• Graduate from the Ulus Ozel Musevi Lisesi.
• Outstanding high school grades.
• Successfully completing the Technion's preparatory courses.
• Prove from the Technion that he/she is accepted for Bio – Medical Engineering studies. 
• Need for financial assistance.
• Background in voluntary community activity.

Additional requirements:

• Filling out the application form.
• Accepting to participate in voluntary community activities during the studies in Israel.
• Maintaining suitable level of grades during the studies.

For more information, please contact us by phone: 972-3-7676999 or email: 
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