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Real estate has always been an attractive investment, and its attraction has only grown during recent years, in view of the increasing housing prices, expressed in both the rising prices for new/second-hand homes and increasing rental fees.  Additionally, the urban renewal processes, such as Vacate-and-Build and TAMA 38, generated growth in the sector and led to the development of new forms of association of real estate investors – Real Estate Funds (REIT's) and investment funds that provide different forms of financing to Vacate-and-Build, TAMA 38 and other real estate projects. The Real Estate Funds enable investors with low levels of equity to take part in projects that would otherwise not be accessible to them, requiring too large investment from relatively small individual investor.

Raveh Ravid & Co. provides a comprehensive package of professional services to Real Estate Funds, which include:

·         Maintenance of the Funds books and records;

·       Withdrawals and disbursements trust services overviewing any disbursements of the Funds' money;

·        Maintenance of investors' book capital accounts including processing subscriptions, allocation  of profits/losses to the Fund's investors, distributions of profits, redemptions etc.;

·        Taxation – taxation of the Fund and its investors, reporting to the authorities, preparation of annual tax approvals for investors, etc.

Likewise, in collaboration with the Funds' legal counsel, our Firm provides support for the start-up process of the Funds, such as assistance with drafting of partnerships agreements, obtaining pre-rulings from the tax authorities, development of work processes and procedures related to the Funds' operations, etc.

Experience in the field, acquired by the professional staff of our Firm's Hedge Funds Department headed by Ms. Helena Storm, CPA, enables us to service Real Estate Funds engaged in a wide array of real estate investment formats, starting with Funds that purchase real estate properties for their improvement and later sale, Funds operating as developers / contractors and up to Funds providing supplementary financing for TAMA 38/Vacate-and-Build projects.