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Hedge Funds- general information


Hedge funds – what are they?

Hedge funds are investment vehicles that hold a portfolio of assets managed professionally, in order to maximize investors' profits in every market situation.  The first hedge funds used various hedging means, mainly by holding a stock portfolio on one side, and executing short sales on the other.  The name "hedge fund" originated from the hedging techniques used by the first funds. Over the years, the array of investment strategies of hedge funds has grown.  A large part of these strategies do not involve the use of risk-hedging at all.  Therefore, the use of the term "hedge" is now used mainly in order to distinguish between hedge funds and other investment funds, such as mutual funds, private equity funds, etc.

Hedge funds – our expertise for investors and fund managers

During recent years, we have seen significant growth in the hedge fund industry in Israel and worldwide.  At the same time, the financial services industry has developed remarkably, and a hedge fund investment became an integral part of the assets held by corporations, institutional investors and wealthy individuals.

Raveh Ravid has guided the hedge fund industry in Israel since its infancy.  Over the years, we have accumulated vast experience in providing hedge funds with professional services in the fields of accountancy, auditing, taxation, trust services and administration.

Audit of financial statements

Raveh Ravid & Co. has major expertise in auditing the financial statements of hedge funds and their management companies.  Additionally, the firm provides quarterly financial statement review services and provides accountant's certification of the fund's periodic net asset value (NAV).

Trust taxation

We provide trust taxation services to hedge funds, in order to ensure their compliance with the terms of the pre-rulings obtained from the tax authorities.  Our taxation trust services are characterized by effective oversight and comprehensive assistance to the fund managers in implementing the provisions of the tax arrangements, including payment of taxes and reporting to the authorities.