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The Economics Department of Raveh Ravid & Co. was established in order to expand the array of services we offer to our clients.  The department is engaged in providing valuation services, provides support during the merger and acquisition process, performs due diligence work, etc.

The valuation services constitute a significant part of the Department's work.  We perform valuations for business purposes, for financial reporting purposes, for taxation needs, etc.  The valuations performed for financial reporting purposes (such as impairment evaluations, allocation of purchase costs, etc.) are performed while conforming to the accounting standards relevant for the client (Israeli standards, U.S. standards, IFRS standards).  Additionally, the Department has accumulated vast experience in performing valuations of assets as part of divorce proceedings.

The fair value of share-based payments and other financial instruments – We assist our clients in determining the fair value of share-based payments (generally, options to employees and others) and other instruments, for the purpose of accounting/financial reporting, and also for tax purposes.  The interesting cases are those in which such instruments are offered by companies in advanced development stages – start ups – in which the process of determining the fair value of the instruments is very challenging.

Support in merger and acquisition processes and due diligence work – Our Economics Department serves as an advisor in many proceedings, including support of our clients during M&A proceedings, conducting negotiations for the sale or acquisition of business and assets, etc.  Our expertise and experience in the fields of valuations, internal examinations and taxation enable us to provide added value to our clients when performing due diligence work and to provide solutions tailored to the client's needs, and based on the specific terms of the transactions.


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