The Raveh Ravid Co. Fund for Promoting Excellence and Social Leadership

The Raveh Ravid & Co. Fund For Promoting Excellence and Social Leadership

Raveh Ravid & Co. in co-operation with the University of Haifa, are establishing a scholarship fund for students from the peripheral areas of the country; that display a combination of social leadership and academic excellence; to acquire degrees from a B.A. to a PhD. in the diverse disciplines of Science and Humanities.

The goal of the program is to provide the students a convenient study environment and personal tutoring by experienced lecturers from the university's staff. The intention of the program is to promote both the students' academic success and their social leadership skills, in order to cultivate a new generation of educated and social aware young leaders.

The scholarship program will fund the students' entire B.A. to PhD tuition; and special grants will be given for sustenance; incentives for academic progress; and special social contribution.

"The Friends of Raveh Ravid & Co. Fund" will finance this program, as a continuing and direct endowment and personal assistance. The special nature of the program allows a diversified measure of the donors' involvement, starting with adopting a talented and qualified student though a unique donation.

The students will take part in communal social activity outside the university; in addition to the program's activities throughout the year; in topics such as leadership values and excellence. These unique activities will bring both added value to them, as well as shape them as leaders.
From the academic point of view, the students will enjoy personal academic tutoring, from an experienced lecturer in their department, to ensure their progress in their studies. The students are obligated to maintain an acceptable level of grades.
The 15 qualified students that were chosen by the Funds' Committee to participate in the first year of the program, were accepted according to intellectual ability, leadership qualities and unique special involvement criteria.

The program will commence in the fall of 2007 at the University of Haifa, with the complete cooperation of the University's President, Prof. Aaron Ben Ze'ev and with the leadership of the Dean of students, Prof. Ariel Bendor.
Attach here is a PPT presentation regarding the Fund's recent activities