Investor Relations

The Investor Relations department at Raveh Ravid & Co. provides complete IR services to venture capital and private equity funds.  Our services include:

·         Communicating with investors on behalf of the fund, providing them with material, completing their requests etc. 

·         Arranging meetings for the fund's managers with investors and strategic partners in Israel & abroad.

 ·         Arranging visits of foreign investors in Israel.

 ·         Organizing the fund's LP meetings and investors conferences in Israel / abroad.

 ·         Handling the fund’s investors database.

 ·         Selecting LP conferences for the fund’s managers / arranging speakers spots or panel participation at conferences.

 ·         Assistance in writing & editing the fund’s presentation to LPs.

 ·         Writing & editing periodical newsletter and other marketing material of the fund, and distributing it to the fund’s LPs.

 ·         Execution of capital calls and cash distributions of the fund. 

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