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Raveh Ravid & Co. provides its clients with professional tax consulting services, based on broad professional knowledge accumulated in Israel and abroad. The Firm's tax services, provided over the years to entities, partnerships and individuals, are based on integration of the client's needs with extensive knowledge of various regulations and laws in Israel and abroad.
Our Firm's Tax Department specializes in a range of areas, including the following:
Corporate taxation: Ongoing tax consulting, guidance and tax planning for transactions in Israel and overseas.
International taxation: Providing services to foreign corporations operating in Israel and to Israeli                     corporations active abroad.
Individual taxation: Accounting for self-employed individuals, preparing and filing tax returns for salaried  workers, self-employed individuals and controlling shareholders.
Tax pre-rulings: Obtaining tax pre-rulings in various areas: restructuring, encouragement laws, retirement settlements, hedge funds, voluntary disclosure etc.
Opinions: Issuing opinions and professional memoranda on various tax subjects.
Representation before tax authorities:  Representing tax payers, corporations and individuals before tax assessors and other authorities.
Consultation: Advising our clients on various tax issues, including during M&A transactions and property         acquisitions.
As a member of a leading international network of accounting firms, Russell Bedford International, we are able leverage our affiliation to help our clients by evaluating tax aspects in foreign countries.

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