Trusts- Consulting and Reports

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The Trusts Consulting & Reports Department at Raveh-Ravid and Co. provides a wide range services to trusts, including assistance in the establishment of trusts, management and review of trusts and trust assets and reporting to the Tax Authority.

Our services include:

  • Registration of trusts with the Israel Tax Authority, including any related services requested by the trustee 
  • Preparation of annual and interim reports for the Israeli Tax Authority regarding a trust's taxable income
  • Representing and participating in all negotiations and discussions with the Israel Tax Authority regarding tax returns and reports on trust assets
  • Tax arrangements
  • Tax consultation and planning
  • Preparation of a database which includes all asset information (where necessary), such as purchase dates and costs in order to properly calculate and report the financial results of a trust’s assets.
  • Financial planning, including addressing the future needs of beneficiaries and expected distributions.

As part of our work, we cooperate with a wide network of attorneys as well as local and foreign trustees.

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Tel: +972-3-7676-999