Accountancy Services in Israel

Accountant in Israel

There are many instances in which international companies and firms are in need of accountancy services in Israel, especially in the past five years. Israel’s financial market has developed significantly in the past decade and has been opening up towards investors and entrepreneurs seeking for new and promising opportunities.

Choosing a suitable accountant who will provide you with the sufficient services in Israel can be one of the major steps you will take towards success in entering this developing market. As in any case of choosing an accountant, there are aspects that have to be taken in to consideration. In this article we have gathered some of the major aspects of choosing an accountant in Israel, while focusing on the unique Israeli point of view:

Qualifications and experience

A firm’s clients are an indication on its success and magnitude. In addition, you should make sure that the accountant is a member of the ICPAS. Choosing an accountant is Israel who is a member of the ICPAS will assure that your accountant is up to date on innovations and standards regarding accounting in Israel.

Geographical location

It’s always recommended to hire services of an accounting firm which is geographically close to where the relevant financial activity is taking place. In Israel the two main centers of occurrences are Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. Jerusalem, as the capital is where most governmental business takes place. Tel-Aviv is the home base of Israel’s business activity. Your field of activity has a part in determining where in Israel you should look for an accountant In any case, since Israel is a relatively small country, accountants in the center of the country can easily provide services to clients in the periphery.

Software systems supported

Since most of your communication and transfer of data with your accountant in Israel will be conducted through the internet, it’s crucial to know that your accountant’s software is compatible to yours. Almost every accounting firm and accountant in Israel is up to date on the latest accounting software- nonetheless you should make sure that software incompatibility won’t be an issue.

Size and Accessibility

There are many advantages in working together with a large accounting firm. However, that is not always the case. As an international company which wishes to conduct business with Israel, you will need an accountant who can devote his efforts and time to your success. You might find that a smaller accounting firm will provide you with the sufficient attention and devotion as your accountant in Israel, no lesser than any one of the larger firms.

Accountant Services- Personal Touch

It’s necessary to know that your accountant is someone whom you can trust and communicate with. The best way to make sure that your accountant in Israel answers this criterion is to meet him in person. If a face to face meeting isn’t an option, besides requiring recommendations – have a conversation with your prospective accountant in Israel on the phone in order to see if this is the man or woman to trust and work with. In conclusion, there are many aspects that should be considered while choosing accountancy services in Israel, or CPA in israel. As in any other field – defining your needs will help you find the right accounting firm for you.