The advisory department provides valuation services, support during M&A processes, due diligence services, and consulting to shareholders at crucial decision-making points.

Valuations: We perform valuations for business purposes and taxation, amongst others. In addition, we provide economic opinions to the courts, and also assist our clients in determining the fair value of share-based payments (such as options to employees, etc.) and other instruments, for the purpose of accounting/financial reporting, or for tax purposes.

M&A Support: Advisory services for many business initiatives, including support of our clients during M&A proceedings, conducting negotiations for the sale or acquisition of businesses and assets, due diligence, and tax structuring. Our expertise and experience in the fields of valuations, auditing and taxation, enable us to provide our clients with added value when performing due diligence, as well as to provide solutions tailored to their needs, and in accordance with the specific terms of each transaction. Our due diligence services cover all financial aspects, including financial statements, tax issues and financial projections.

Consultation: Our business consultants assist shareholders and business owners at crucial decision-making junctions, guiding them on their path to achieve defined goals within a predetermined time frame. We assist in setting the goals, recommending a course of action, guidance and execution.

Business Plans: We help devise business plans that express the company’s story and vision, while conveying the management’s marketing strategy and financial outlook. In addition, we offer a unique service for startup companies, who as an early stage business, need to translate their ideas and abilities into a comprehensive business model, especially when looking for external financing.

Transfer Pricing: Regulation within the transfer pricing field is constantly evolving, while the global demands by tax authorities continue to grow. Our extensive experience in the construction and implementation of transfer pricing policies enables us to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of our clients. These are conducted while considering the nature of the inter-company transactions and the necessary regulatory requirements, while minimizing potential tax exposures.