Internal Audit

Our internal auditing services facilitate the evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness, integrity, risk management, decision-making processes and others, adding value to organizations and their managements and assisting them in achieving their goals. The internal auditing department team has accumulated many years of experience in providing a wide array of internal audit and risk management services for various types of organizations, including: public companies traded in Israel and abroad, associations, private companies, government ministries, government companies, non-profit organizations, etc. Leveraging our firm’s comprehensive scope of synergetic services, this department collaborates with other professional departments when necessary, to provide our clients with a complete and inclusive solution designed to meet their specific needs.

Internal Auditing services include the following:

  • Thorough audits on a wide range of subjects
  • Audit of IT systems, including data security
  • Assistance in integrating and implementing SOX and ISOX
  • Assistance in writing and integrating work procedures and control processes
  • Investigative audits and special audits
  • Risk surveys and fraud and embezzlement surveys