Abir established Raveh Ravid & Co. in 1986, along with Itzhak Ravid. For over three decades, he has headed the firm as a proficient expert, offering insightful guidance and professional leadership.
Throughout the years, and until today, Abir offers our firm’s clients the highest level of consultancy and personalized service, working with companies and organizations from a diverse range of sectors. He skilfully leads clients as they navigate through dynamic business landscapes and changing realities, guiding them through crucial strategic decisions, in order to help them realize their goals.

Abir has headed numerous large-scale and significant processes involving companies and organizations in Israel and worldwide.  He is also an active member of the Board of Directors of Raveh Ravid Fund, which he founded along with Itzhak Ravid. This fund targets promising university students, and promotes excellence and the development of future leaders. Until 2016, Abir was a member of the Board of Directors of Russell Bedford International network. He has also served as director for several public organizations in Israel.

Abir is a graduate of Tel Aviv University School of Economics and Accounting.