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Updated 05/07/2020


  1. Welcome to the home website of the accounting Firm Rave Ravid & Co. CPA (the “Firm”), located in 32 Ha’Barzel St., Tel-Aviv.
  2. Before taking any action on the Site and/or using any information, you are requested to read carefully these Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use“), the Privacy Policy in [Please insert link to the relevant tab], as well as any other explanation on the Site.
  3. These Terms of Use apply equally to all genders, and the use of male language is for convenience only.
  4. Definitions:
    • User” – any person and/or entity that visits and/or uses the Site.
    • Content” – facts, articles, reviews, data, tips, recommendations, analysis, advertisements, endorsements, evaluations, and any other data and/or content in any format, including text, image, voice and video appearing on the Site and/or available to the User. The data and Content provided on the Site are intended to provide information and marketing content only, and should be treated with caution.
    • Site” – in the internet address: https://www.raveh-ravid.com/, owned by the Firm.
  5. By visiting the Site, the User declares he has read, understood and consented to the Terms of Use including the Privacy Policy. These Terms of Use, as updated from time to time, govern the relationship between the User and the Firm and constitute a binding agreement and the User or his representative shall not make any claim and/or demand and/or lawsuit against the Firm and/or any person on its behalf with regard to these Terms of Use. In cases that the User does not agree to all or some of the Terms of Use he may not use the Site for any purpose.
  6. A User under 18 years is prohibited from using the Site and is not allowed to provide personal information to the Site and/or through it.
  7. The Firm may change the provisions of these Terms of Use from time to time, at the Firm’s sole discretion and without obligation to provide any alert and/or notice.
  8. Any use and reliance by the User on any information, facts, Content and/or advertisements displayed and/or posted on the Site (the “Information“) is the sole responsibility of the User. The Information and/or the Content are provided as is, without any warranty and/or guarantee, explicit or implied by the Firm for their correctness and accuracy, including the quality of the Information, its reliability, and its compatibility for a particular purpose. The Site contains general information only, and we are not, by means of this Site, rendering professional advice or services. Before making any decision or action that might affect your finances, you should consult a professional advisor. The Firm do not warrant that this Site will be secure, free from viruses or malicious code or error free. Moreover, the Firm will not be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages and other damages, whether in an action of statute, contract, tort (including negligence), relating to the use of the Site, even if the Firm knew, or should have known, of the possibility of such damages.

Privacy Policy

  1. The Firm respects the User’s privacy and is committed to protect the Information provided. The Firm believes that User have the right to know what Information the Firm collects with respect to his use of the Site. Information about the Firm’s Policy and work methods is provided in the Privacy Policy tab on the site [Please insert link to the relevant tab].
  2. Before using the Site, you are obligated to read and agree to the Privacy Policy. It is clarified that your approval of reading the Firm’s Terms of Use and consent to its content also constitutes an acknowledgment of reading the Privacy Policy and consent to its content.

Intellectual Property

  1. The intellectual property on the Site, including copyrights, trademarks, designs, patents, trade secrets, etc., in connection with any information, display, software, technologies, designs, music and sound, video, images, texts, applications, specifications, methods, data, processes and any other material contained on the Site, which have been developed and/or designed and/or created by the Firm and/or to which rights therein were granted to the Firm, whether registered or not, are exclusively owned by the Firm and/or third parties on its behalf.
  2. The User may not copy and/or duplicate and/or distribute and/or publish and/or sell and/or use any or all of the Content on the Site, except for the sharing of Content as indicated in respect of such Content, unless authorized in writing by the Firm.
  3. Advertisements displayed on the Site are the property of the advertisers. The advertisements should not be used in a way that violates the advertiser’s rights.


Consent to receive advertisement

By agreeing to receive mail from the Site, you automatically agree that your e-mail address and telephone number will be added to the Site’s mailing list and you grant the Site the right to use this information for promotional, advertising, enhancement of the services provided by the Firm and for enriching the Content of the Site, all according to the law. At any time, you may request to remove your data, by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the messages sent to you.


  1. The Firm may, in its sole discretion, inter alia, for fear of violating these instructions by the User, suspend and/or revoke the User’s access to the Site and/or the services provided therein, without derogating from any other remedy the Firm is entitled to in accordance with any law and/or agreement.
  2. If any provision of these Terms of Use is found by a certified court to be unenforceable, all other provisions of the Terms of Use will continue to apply and bind the parties.
  3. These Terms of Use are governed by the law of the State of Israel and they are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tel Aviv Courts.